The Dominican government accounced a new phase of restrictions in place for the Dominican Republic. The country is currently under State of Emergency due to rapidly rising COVID-19 infection rates seen over the last weeks. This allows the government and parliament to take regulatory and preventive actions to confront the advance of the virus:

Airports stay open while land and maritime borders are closed, maritime restrictions though waived for commercial trading.

Beaches can be used respecting the social distancing measures.

Gyms as well as public pools, lakes, bathing spots and rivers are shut down.

Colmados (small local shops) and restaurants are back to delivery or take out only unless they can serve their clients on open terrace spaces of the restaurant.

A new curfew is in place until September 3rd; times depend on the province: People will not be allowed to be on the streets from 7PM to 5AM (in others starting at 8PM) during the week from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays & Sundays from 5PM to 5AM.



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