The School

The school is located in the university zone, Zona Universitaria, and faces the UASD (Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo), the country’s largest university, which is also the oldest university of the Americas. The central location of the Institute makes it easy to seek out and explore many places of interest.

The ancient and historical part of the town, the Zona Colonial, is just a 10-minute drive from the school. All centers of social or cultural life, like cinemas, museums, theaters, galleries, sports centers, discos, and bars, can be easily reached by public transportation.

The school, being in the immediate vicinity of the university, is within walking distance of many student hang-outs, including internet cafes, a library, and small restaurants. Here, our language students have plenty of opportunity to come into contact with Dominican students at any one of the various street cafes or kiosks in the area. This is, without a doubt, the reason for the easy-going and relaxed ambiance that reigns around the Institute.

During office hours, the students have free wifi internet access to surf the web, answer their emails, or make phone calls.

The class and communal rooms of the school are furnished in a simple, Caribbean style. A small garden surrounds the building, and with several terraces and a cozy cafeteria, it creates a personal atmosphere.

The facilities are open to all students for relaxation as well as for exchange of experience and cultural encounters with IIC’s Dominican students who learn German in the same building.