Our Team

Instituto Intercultural del Caribe (IIC) is a Spanish school in the Dominican Republic, founded by Thomas M. Fritsch in 1994. From its very beginning, the language and culture institute has built close collaborations with prestigious institutions in the country in the fields of culture, education, and tourism. It is a privately owned and independent enterprise under German management. Its multinational team is composed of Dominicans and Europeans.

Meet the Team - we are looking forward to welcoming you to enjoy learning Spanish with us:

Team IIC Santo Domingo

Luis Ramón - Student Facilitator
His smile is program: always “feliz”, happy to show our students the hidden gems around Santo Domingo and introduce them to the local culture. A passionate dancer by heart.

Berenice - Director's Assistant
The heart and soul of our school in Santo Domingo, and an incredible bundle of energy, both at the school and at kids' birthday parties when she transforms into clown "Mermelada".

Jonathan - Director & Academic Coordinator
He loves tapas, a good glass of wine, and is a passionate Flamenco dancer - test him!

Team IIC Sosua

Evelym - Office Manager
Always a smile on her face and patiently organizing the thousands of details to take care of at our school's office.

Nena - Houselady
A great cook, passionate Bachata dancer, and our secret weapon teacher, helping students struggling with new vocabulary at the breakfast table, for more than 20 years now.

Jeffry - Student facilitator
Has the best job in the world: HAS to go out and have fun discovering country and culture together with our students.

Victor - Director & Academic Coordinator
Prepares awesome cocktails. Loves teaching, and our English & Spanish students love him!

IIC's International Team

Tina - Team Leader Sales & Reservations
Bringing brilliance to our office! Slovenia was too small for her. Tina speaks 6 languages, she loves her dog Papaya, and Papaya loves her, from the earth to the moon and back!

Tanja - Director of International Relations
Fell in love with scuba diving, the colors of the Dominican Republic, and the laughter and zest for life of the people.

Çava - el Jefe
The real boss of our school in Sosúa. Carries his French name with elegance and sweetness.