Volunteer Work

Immersion into a Culture by learning the Language and serving others: Over the years we have worked with many NGO`s who are truly making a difference in their communities. If it is a Haitian-Dominican civil rights organization, a school for underprivileged Haitian and Dominican children, an orphanage and school providing a safe place for girls and young women. Or if it’s an organziation protecting our oceans or another one saving the lives of hundreds of street dogs and cats. We are happy to provide you with contacts if you are interested in volunteering with one of them while learning Spanish with us.

A volunteer and Spanish language student of IIC Spanish School in Sosua hands over a fresh coconut to one of the girls at the volunteer work partner organization 3 Mariposa Montessori School who is serving underprivileged Haitian and Dominican communities in the Sosua Cabarete area.

Volunteer Work in Sosua Cabarete

Our project partners for volunteer work in the Sosua area are active in community development and animal rescue. Sosua is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, only[…]