Scuba Diving & Surfing

Do you love the ocean? Have you always wanted to learn how to dive and discover the magic of the underwater world? Or do you dream of learning how to fly over the waves? Choose one of the following add-on options!

Student learning Spanish and Scuba Diving at IIC Spanish School in Sosua, Dominican Republic, enjoys his first scuba diving experience in Sosua Bay.

Scuba Diving

The Great Feeling of Discovering a New World

The program mix of Spanish and Scuba Diving is right for you if you like to discover the feeling of flying in zero gravity, want to get amazed by the[…]

Windsurfing / Kitesurfing

Always a wave ahead

This program is right for you if you like to feel the water sports vibe and adrenaline kick, you are curious about exploring your limits, you like to learn Spanish[…]