IIC Sosua/Cabarete

Things to Do in Sosua

Learn Spanish in Sosua near the beach: Besides your class remains plenty of free time to relax on the beach or participate in various sport and outdoor activities. Thanks to their ideal location, Sosua and Cabarete offer a wide range of things to do.

  • The coral reefs of Sosua are the ideal place to go on scuba diving and snorkeling adventures.
  • In surfer’s haven Cabarete you will find world class wind- and kite surfing conditions and a great surf wave at Playa Encuentro.

Read more in our Travel Information “Sosúa Dominican Republic | The Ultimate Guide” with plenty of tips and ideas what to do to explore the Sosúa area on your own.

These are our top spots for going dancing and having fun in Sosua Cabarete:

Our Top Spots for Music & Dancing

  • In Sosúa, there are couple of places to go out and have fun like “Mamajuana”, Club “Skybox” in Ahnvee Resort and “NYC Drink”. Karaoke nights are most popular at “Jolly Rogers” (Thursday) and at “Nelson’s Lounge & Bistro” (Saturdays) across from supermarket Super Pola.
  • Hot spots in Cabarete: “Ojo Club/LAX” (Thursdays, Saturdays), Karaoke night at “Voyvoy” (Mondays), Live Music night in “La Chabola” (Wednesdays).

Food, glorious Food


  • In Los Charamicos, the greatest regional fish and seafood dishes are served. The best place to go is the small restaurant “Pescaderia Buen Sabor” just across from the Caribe Tours bus station.
  • For international food, try restaurant “Waterfront” – located on a cliff overlooking Playa Alicia. It offers a wide range of food choices in a Caribbean ambiance with a stunning ocean view.
  • Also popular are “Elefante Rosso” in Pedro Clisante Road or “Pizzeria Bologna” in Alejo Martinez Road for great pizza and pasta.
  • The best place in Sosúa to enjoy a cup of coffee (Dominican: “un cafecito”) and a delicious homemade Italian Tiramisu is café “Steven’s”, run by a Italian family. The little café is in an absolutely fantastic location: right above Playa Alicia with a stunning ocean view along the coastline up to Puerto Plata. Great for sunset watchers, too!
  • Another great place for sunset romantics is “El Gordo” (Michael Stone’s) on top of the cliffs of Los Charamicos.


  • In “LAX” or “Casita de Papi” you can eat directly at the beautiful main beach while watching the kite and windsurfers. Don’t miss out on the camarones seafood in garlic cream sauce at Papi’s!
  • “Mojito Bar” offers great sandwiches and fresh juices at a decent price.


Please note that the country is under State of Emergency at present. One of the measures implemented by the Dominican Government is the mandatory rule to wear a face mask at all times in public areas. In some parts of the country, there is a nightly curfew in place which also limits mobility. (DUE TO CHANGES – see also our post here). 

These regulations are revised every couple of weeks to adapt to the changing situations. Please follow the news for updates.

REMEMBER: Restaurants, bars, tour operators and places to visit below may currently operate on limited capacity and a limited time schedule only. This also affects the Social Programs at our schools. As of now, there are few extracurricular activities organized by the school until further notice. We will gladly provide you with recommendations to safe places to go to on your own or use established providers on site to ask about tours and excursions.

Social Program at IIC in Sosúa

Though it’s more fun when we all go together on discovery tour! Our Student Facilitator creates each week a social program with two to three activities like:

  • Orientation tour in Sosua Town
  • Sunset drink on the beach
  • Dominican cooking at the school
  • Tropical Fruit tasting
  • Bachata and Merengue dance classes
  • Going out for dinner
  • BBQ in the school’s garden
  • SUP, snorkeling or sunbathing on the beach
  • Beach Volleyball, kart-racing or billard
  • Karaoke or live music events
  • Going out for dinner
  • Pool-party in a nearby hotel
  • Bar and Club tour at night
  • Going back into the town’s unique history: a visit to Sosua’s Jewish museum
  • Experience a baseball practice with kids of a near-by mixed Dominican-Haitian neighbourhood
  • Visit the art exhibition at Casa de Arte or the extraordinary private art museum Castillo Mundo King in Sosua
  • Visit to the city of Puerto Plata (if available also as a half- or full-day excursion incl. visit of the famous Brugal rum factory, to the Teleferico, the only cable-car in the Caribbean, Amber museum, the fortress and the new amphitheatre at the Malecon of Puerto Plata as well as the beautiful Victorian architecture of its old town)

There’s lots more to discover on half-, full-day or weekend excursions and tours offered by our Student Facilitator/ established providers to get to know the country and its people:

  • Half-day excursions to the cities of Puerto Plata (see above) or Santiago where you can visit a rum or a cigar factory, to Nature Park amd Caves El Choco or to the enchanting beaches of Playa Grande including boat-trip, an adventure cascading tour at the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua or a relaxed afternoon in an EcoLodge nearby, topped with a delicious lunch/ dinner at the river, authentically prepared in a typical Dominican outdoor kitchen
  • Whole-day excursions are organized to the west to beautiful Punta Rusia or river-rafting on river Yaque del Norte in the countryside to Jarabacoa in the so-called Dominican Alps.
  • Or a day-trip or weekend adventure during whale watching season to the peninsula of Samana, the white, picture-perfect beaches of Las Terrenas, the Carnival in La Vega or arrange a culture and sightseeing tour to Santo Domingo together with the students of the IIC School there.

Of course, participation in activities and excursions is always voluntary. Free activities at the school as well as paid tours can be part of the weekly Social Program. Costs depend on the number of participants; the excursions usually require a minimum turnout of participants.

Further activities and tours available with trusted local partners on site:

  • Wind- and Kitesurfing lessons
  • Scuba Diving courses and fun dives
  • Catamaran tours
  • Horseback riding
  • River-Rafting
  • Yoga classes
  • Tennis
  • Mountain-bike tours
  • Motorbike tours
  • Hiking
  • Jeep safaris