Test despite Vaccine

“If I have been vaccinated in the DR, do I need to be tested in order to travel back home?”

The answer is: Yes, you do.

Although you may have gotten your vaccination in the Dominican Republic: If you travel back to the US, you need to present an antigen test. If you travel to Canada and to several countries in Europe, you need a negative PCR test, both not older than 72 hours before entering your home country.

This is because the US and the other countries who require the PCR test do not recognize the Sinovac vaccine yet.

The National Vaccination Plan applying the Chinese Sinovac/Coronavac or Sinopharm vaccines, started on February 16th and is proceeding at a good pace in the Dominican Republic, now applying already the second dose. At this first stage of the national vaccination campaign, people over 60 years of age receive their shots.

The vaccination plan has been divided into three phases and aims to vaccinate the country’s 7.8 million adults by the end of 2021.

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