Vision & Mission

Our Vision

+ To establish a successful language learning environment for our Spanish language learners through immersion into the Dominican Republic‘s language and culture.

+ To provide intercultural understanding through language learning, Immersion Spanish trainings, study abroad programs, and day-to-day cultural encounters with the locals.

+ To create better future opportunities for our local Dominican and Haitian students who are learning German and English with us; to the better, for themselves and their communities.

Our Mission

We believe teaching a language is a communicative process that should focus on every day life situations.

We want our students to learn Spanish by having direct contact with native speakers. That way, they can continuously practice their newly acquired language skills on-site – starting from day one.

Immersion is key: The more the learning process takes place within a cultural exchange, the more successful it is.

The friendly, personable, and family-like atmosphere at our school includes a cafeteria, a tropical garden with terraces. It fosters an inviting setting to easily meet new people. Here, students start their cultural exchange, become acquainted with new friends, share experiences, and plan group activities and outings. Because:

Learning a language should be fun and inspiring to be successful.


Communicative and practical

Our key focus is to get you speaking. We use personalized, specifically designed teaching materials to help you improve your speaking ability.

The grammatical basis of the concepts we teach is Castellano, the Standard Spanish; the linguistic differences that exist in the Spanish spoken in Latin America in general and in the Dominican Republic in particular (Dominicanismos”) are pointed out during the course.

Likewise, we want to encourage you to speak from the very beginning. On our “salídas pedagógicas” your teachers will take you to stores, schools, or museums, to markets, beaches, or restaurants. Here, you can practice your newly acquired knowledge from class among the locals and can get a feel for the real country and culture.


Tailor-made courses

We put an emphasis on providing students with plenty of opportunity to practice speaking in class. Our group courses are limited to a maximum of 7 students per group.

In private lessons (1-on-1 tuition), we meet your linguistic, personal, and professional conditions and interests and create a program collaboratively with you that is individualized to you.


Idealists with academic background

Our teachers are native speakers who, in addition to being academically qualified, are widely experienced in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They not only demonstrate high standard teaching skills, but also are capable of empathizing with the students in order to motivate them. Many times, they are also after-class knowledgeable advisors on everyday questions about Dominican life and culture.