Our Students

Why studying in the Dominican Republic

The majority of our students want to learn Spanish in a Latin American country while at the same time taking the opportunity to experience a different culture first-hand through full immersion.

Spanish language students trying fresh and exotic fruits on an educational tour with teacher Sheilla Camarena to the market in Sosua Los Charamicos

They choose the Dominican Republic over other Latino countries of different reasons:

+++ the proximity to the ocean and a 1,400 kilometer long coastline with hundreds of beautiful, sandy beaches

+++ the cultural richness of the Dominican Republic, melting indigenous Caribbean, African, and European traces into the Dominican identity

+++ the history of the island, being the first European settlement in the Americas in the late 15th century, separated by its two colonial powers, France and Spain, but united in the island’s indigenous, almost 2000 year-old Taíno culture

+++ the accessibility of the country through many direct flights and economic airfare

+++ and not the least, of course, the nice weather conditions with average 27 degrees Celsius/ 82 degrees Fahrenheit all year round which makes our Caribbean country the perfect place to learn Spanish in Latin America also in the winter months.

Where our students come from

Our student body is quite diverse in age, gender, background, and nationality. Students are coming from all over the world: from the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Dubai, India, Thailand, Japan over to China and Australia – every day we meet amazing people from around the world who inspire us and who get inspired by their stay in the Dominican Republic.

Students from German and from English native speaking countries make up the majority, followed by participants from Western and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Most of our students are between 22 and 42 years of age; however, students of all ages, ranging from 16 to 94, have learned Spanish with us. Their backgrounds vary from being university students, travelers, and businessmen to government officials, employees, and the self-employed. Their common interest is to improve their Spanish language skills and to discover the Dominican way of life in the Caribbean.


What our students say

This is what our students say about learning Spanish with us at IIC:

Nice, familiar atmosphere at IIC. I really felt welcome there.


21 from Germany

I have learned lots in very short time.


25 from Austria

I vote the program, people, and leisure activities at the highest level.


55 from USA

Everyone at this school has been very helpful and friendly. I had a fantastic time here - thanks. I would attend this language school again.


27 from USA

Very enjoyable lessons, great team, hard-working teacher. I will recommend the IIC to friends.


28 from Slovakia

The structure of the course was really great. I was able to easily build upon prior knowledge.


29 from Ireland

The mixture of grammar and conversation was excellent.


24 from Switzerland

Coming to IIC was similar to going to see your family for a holiday. It only took an hour or so for me to have been embraced into this very loving family. It made learning Spanish fun.


38 from USA