The New York Times looks into why the DR is a pandemic tourism success story.

“Why Is Everyone Going to the Dominican Republic?” Dominicans have celebrated the New York Times headline. The story by photojournalist Tony Cenicola and Heather Murphy was published on the weekend while New Yorkers were enduring one of the worst snow storms in years. The extensive feature looks into the impact the local management of the pandemic (relatively few deaths, dropping active cases and the number of cases) has had on the flow of tourists to the country. The country boasts more arrivals this January than in January 2020, before the pandemic in the Americas.

The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean tourism success story. Early on, the medical authorities decided the low density of its resorts and the beaches would reduce the number of tourists spreading the virus here. The government has never requested vaccine cards or PCR or antigen testing to enter. Travelers returning to their countries have to test 72 hours before departure.

The story looks into how the country played to the generalized need people have had to get back to normal, making it easy to come and enjoy as in the days before the pandemic.

New York Times – 27 January, 2022

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