Frequently Asked Questions

1. Registration – Payment

Is there a registration deadline?

No, we do not have a registration deadline, so short-term bookings are possible. But we recommend that our students register at least 4 weeks prior to the course starting date to be able to guarantee the desired course.

How can I sign up?

You can use the registration form on our website, or you can write us, and we will send you a registration form by email, which you can complete and send back to us. After receiving the information we will confirm your booking and provide you with further details about your course package.

When do I have to pay?

We ask our enrolled students to pay the program fee in its entirety to the school no later than three (3) weeks prior to program start.

In case of short-term enrolments (less than four weeks prior to program start), the client must send full payment of the program fee at the time of enrolment.

How can I pay?

Along with the booking confirmation, we will send you an invoice with our bank details. The payment can be arranged via bank wire transfer to the corresponding IIC account stated on the invoice. You may also pay by PayPal, credit card, or other payment methods accepted by IIC (services like Western Union, Money Gram). We will send you payment instructions online or by email after we have received your booking and/or along with the booking confirmation and invoice stating the services.

Once the payment has been made, please send us a copy of the payment to  This serves as a voucher for your booking.

2. Course program

What types of Spanish courses are available?

In general, we distinguish between group courses with 20 or 30 lessons a week and private lessons with 20 or 30 lessons a week. Other combinations as well as special courses in combination with sports or cultural activities (scuba diving, surfing, dancing) are also available.

Can I combine different courses and course places?

Yes, you can combine various courses as well as accommodations. You may want to divide your course between the two course places Sosua and Santo Domingo. Due to the flexible structure of the IIC program it is possible to create a course which takes into consideration your wishes and interests.

Can I book a course only? Without booking accommodation through the school?

Yes, you can also book a course only. Likewise, if you travel together with your partner or friend and you would like to book a course plus accommodation, the second person can stay with you in double occupancy but does not need to take a course.

When are the start dates of the courses?

Our courses usually start on Mondays year round. If Monday is a holiday, the course starts on the Tuesday immediately following the holiday.

How will my Spanish level at course start be defined?

When we confirm your booking by email, we will also send you our placement test and ask you to fill it out (of course without a dictionary or other means of help) and send it back to us about 2 weeks prior to your course start by fax or email. The test contains questions on various difficulty levels and takes a maximum of 60 minutes.

What shall I bring to class?

It is helpful to bring a small dictionary. All other study material needed for the course will be provided.

What will the first course day be like?

All new students will meet at the Institute in the morning of the first day at 8:45am. There will be a short welcome and introduction to the school and its staff. Then you will go directly into your class. Those new students who were unable to send their placement test in two weeks prior to their start date will then take the test and begin with their classes immediately after that. After lunch break, our student facilitator will take you on an orientation tour of the city to introduce you to the most important places to know and show you how to get around with public transport.

Can I get academic credits for a Spanish course at IIC?

Yes. Our Spanish Intensive Courses are accredited by Seton Hill University (Pennsylvania, US) for academic credits. You can earn 3 credits in a 3- to 4-week course, depending on the course you choose. The following credit courses are available: SP100 (A1), SP 105 (A2), SP205 (B1), SP250 (B2). Follow this link for further details.

3. Travel – Leisure time

Does the school offer any leisure time activities for its students?

Our student facilitator usually offers two to three activities/excursions per week for our students. Some are free, others carry a cost which can be paid directly on site. In Santo Domingo, these are more cultural oriented, and in Sosua, more nature and sport oriented. Due to the central location of Sosua, there is a broad variety of half-day, whole-day, and/or weekend excursions you can participate in.

What currency should I bring with me?

The best are US-Dollars and Euros, both currencies can easily be changed within the country to the local currency Dominican Peso RD$. You should bring various means of payment with you: a small amount of cash for your first days, traveler’s checks, ATM-card and/or credit card.

What airport is the nearest one to the school?

If you decide to study in Santo Domingo, you should fly into International Airport Las Americas Santo Domingo (SDQ). If you take the course at IIC Sosua/Cabarete, you should fly into International Airport Gregorio Luperon Puerto Plata (POP). Of course, we are happy to help with further information if you fly into any other Dominican airport.

How do I get from the airport to my accommodation? How do I find the school?

The transfer at arrival from the nearest airport can be arranged through us, as well, at extra charge. This means that we will pick you up and take you directly to your accommodation. With your booking confirmation, you will receive further details about how the transfer will work and, if you have made reservations for accommodation through us as well, the details, address and contacts of the accommodation. Furthermore, you will receive a map and a google link with information where the school is located.

Is it possible to stay extra nights in the accommodation?

Of course, you can also stay extra nights. We calculate accommodation from Sunday before the course begins until Saturday after the course has finished. If you arrive earlier or depart later, you can book extra nights at an additional cost and based on availability.