Spanish Interactive!

"Spanish Interactive!" takes you to the streets. (20 Group lessons per week + 5 Private lessons per week)

This course is ideal for you if

  • you want to apply what you have learned in class right away on spot among the locals under the comforting guidance of an experienced tutor
  • you like to learn in groups and want to further improve your Spanish skills with a personal training at the same time

Course concept: You will be in the classroom for the group classes while you will be outside the school with your teacher for the private tuition. The teacher will take you onto educational tours into town, so-called “salídas pedagógicas”, as a conversational immersion training in everyday situations among local Spanish speakers.

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Salídas pedagógicas (examples):

  • You will go to a market, learn about local fruits and vegetables, practice to ask for a certain product, and learn how to negotiate prices.
  • Or you will visit a local restaurant and learn how to order a meal.
  • You might also go with your teacher to a pharmacy and practice how to describe an illness and ask for medication.
  • Or you will meet representatives of different professions and lead interviews about their job and their professional background.

Course scheme: The course combines 20 group lessons (Spanish Group 20) with 5 private lessons per week. One IIC lesson is 45 minutes.

Classes are Monday to Friday. The group classes are usually on the regular morning schedule from 9:00 h to 12:30 h including a 30-minute break (4 lessons). If there are many different course levels at a time, a group course may take place completely in the afternoon.

The private lessons are in the afternoon, usually starting at 13:30 h. Depending on your language level and the nature of the educational tour, you may have 2 longer tours of 2 hours each on 2 afternoons only instead of 5 45-minute lessons per week. Minimum age: 16 years. Minimum Spanish level: Beginner with Knowledge A1.

Course prices include: registration fee, study material, placement test, certificate of participation; also: refreshment during morning break, free Internet/WiFi at school, city orientation tour, student care. If there is no group on your Spanish level at the time of your course, you will receive private lessons instead with a 50% reduction of class time for the same price.

Not included: additional costs for transportation, food, etc. on site during the salídas pedagógicas.

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