“If fun is a color, it’s sunshine.”

The new Spanish Course Program 2023 is available now. Order your free copy here.
We love to make learning Spanish fun and practical.

What are your plans in 2023?

Spending more time with friends? Travelling the world? Experiencing new cultures? Having FUN?

“Having fun is the secret to a healthier life”, says science journalist Catherine Price.

“If fun is a color, it’s sunshine”, says her daughter. HOW cute and so very right, she is!

You can see the glow in someone when one experiences fun, “true fun”, what Catherine Price calls it. People having fun illuminate from within. Isn’t this what we all remember way to well, when we had such a moment?! Like our students – watch them shining:

Fun unites us. Fun makes us feel alive. Fun makes us healthier and happier.

And learning Spanish with us in the Dominican Republic brings it all together:

+ the Playfulness: Learning is most successful when you enjoy the learning process.

+ the Connection: You learn together with others.

+ the Flow: That’s sooo Dominican! Here in the Dominican Republic, you live the moment.

New Spanish Course Program 2023

Come and discover the Dominican Republic in your own, very unique way together with other like-minded people.

Learn Spanish with us. Experience another Culture. Feel connected. Have FUN and enjoy the SUNSHINE.

Take a look at our Online Brochure and order here your FREE COPY of the new 2023 Spanish Course Program including rates and starting dates.

We would love to welcome you at our Spanish School.


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Why having fun is the secret to a healthier life

See the whole TED Talk of Catherine Price here on Youtube:

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