Maíz, tobaco, hamaca – the words of dead languages continue to live in other languages. The language of the Tainos has been considered extinct since the mid-16th century. Nevertheless, many[…]

Dominicanismo: un chin

“Dominicanismo” is a word, phrase, or expression of the Spanish spoken in the Dominican Republic, reflecting the culture and traditions of the country. Usually those expressions cannot be found in[…]

Protect the Reefs

A new study highlights the importance of the coral reefs in the Dominican Republic for the income of the country in general and also calls attention to all sectors benefited[…]

Semana Santa in the DR

“Semana Santa” is the week before Easter. Dominicans like to celebrate that week with family and friends. So thousands of people flock to the refreshing rivers or to the beaches[…]

Food, glorious food!

“Habichuela con dulce” is the most typical dish on Easter in the Dominican Republic. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and learn more about the Dominican “Semana Santa” and its[…]