The sign indicates the measures the Dominican Republic takes against the spreadof the corona virus including a nightly curfew.

The nightly curfew regulations have further been relaxed by the Dominican government. Covid-19 curfew hours nationwide are as follows now: from 10pm to 5am Monday to Friday (also if it[…]

Dominican Tourismminister David collado and Vice president Peña in a press conference about on Germany's decision to take the Dominican Republic offthe list of COVID19 risk areas.

Green light from Germany

Green light from Germany: The Dominican Republic has been taken off the list of COVID-19 Risk Areas. From the Dominican Republic to Germany The good news comes at the right[…]

Covid-19 vaccination picture shows ampoule and needle.

Test despite Vaccine

“If I have been vaccinated in the DR, do I need to be tested in order to travel back home?” The answer is: Yes, you do. Although you may have[…]

Watching two whales breaching in the bay of Samana, Dominican Republic.

Whale Watching in Samaná

Each year, hundreds of humpback whales come from the Northern Atlantic to the warm waters of the Dominican Republic to mate, birth and nurse their calves. They can be watched[…]

IIC Spanish School facilitator Luis Ramon and assistant Berenice Franco looking good in their new school t-shirts.

The same Spanish word can have completely different meanings in the various Spanish speaking countries. Example: “Guapo/a” in the Dominican Republic is used to express that someone is mad about[…]

Fireworks are shot into the nightly sky of the Dominican Republic as one of the many Dominican New Year's Traditions.

How do Dominicans celebrate New Year’s Eve? There are many traditions, myths and superstitions in Dominican culture. For many Dominicans still nowadays, on New Year’s Eve it is about doing[…]