With a picture of this big old Caoba mahogany tree at Santo Domingo university UASD, IIC Spanish School celebrates the National Tree Day Día Nacional del Árbol", in the Dominican Republic. 

May 5th is “Día Nacional del Árbol”, National Tree Day in the Dominican Republic. Join our initiative and plant a tree: If you order the IIC Spanish Course Brochure during[…]

IIC Spanish School's 20 fun facts about Spanish , honoring April 23 which is the UN Spanish Language Day.

Here are our favorite 20 Fun Facts about the Spanish language: FUN FACTS 1 to 20 Spanish is a very phonetic language. If you know how a word is spelled, you[…]

European airlines offer more flights to the Dominican Republic Puerto Plata Sosua this 2024.

More Flights in 2024

More flights will come to the Dominican Republic this 2024. During the ITB Berlin trade show in Berlin, Germany, Dominican Tourism Minister David Collado met with airline executives from Germany[…]

Artist Humberto Lopez designs and creates the devils and masks of the famous Dominican carnival.

Dominican Carnival Masks

Dominican Carnival Masks: The Art of Making them. Meet artist and designer Humberto López and see how the famous Dominican Carnival masks (caretas) are made: Video Copyright: Great Big Historia[…]

Colorful devil mask careta of the Dominican carnival which is a very authentic piece of dominican culture students learn about when learning Spanish and Dominican culture at IIC Spanish School in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Carnival

The devils are dancing again: February is the month of the famous Dominican carnival. The streets are filled with the vibrant colors of ornately worked costumes, masks, and lots of[…]