Add-on Spanish Language Trainings

Specialized Add-on Language Trainings in Private Tuition on 4 Topics

Add specialized Spanish Language Trainings with a private teacher to your regular course if you like to intensively work on specific skills or topics.

Add-on Spanish Language Trainings

You can choose between theme workshops on 4 selected topics:

  • Conversación y Pronunciación
    Grow your confidence in using Spanish words correctly. Practice intensively your conversational skills in talks with your private teacher about different topics adapted to your level. Learn how to pronounce Spanish words accurately. Identify which syllable to stress to sound like a native.


  • Cultura Dominicana
    Learn more about Dominican culture and traditions. Hear why hospitality, baseball, and bachata music are such important characteristics of every-day Dominican life. Grow your understanding of the complexity of Dominican identity.


  • Español Médico (Medical Spanish)
    for public health professionals, doctors and nurses who work with Spanish speaking patients (basic level)
    Extend your vocabulary knowledge regarding body- and health-related topics. Learn common phrases necessary for your specific working environment. Practice conversation examples with your teacher of everday-situations with your patients.


  • Español de Negocio (Business Spanish)
    for professionals, managers and executives (basic level)
    Learn the vocabulary that is the most relevant to your industry. Improve grammar, conversational and pronunciation skills for working situations. Learn about business etiquette, courtesy/ apology phrases and specific expressions in written correspondence.


These Spanish Language Trainings are taught in private tuition 1-on-1. One training is 90 minutes (= 2 IIC lessons).

All trainings can be booked in addition to your Spanish course.

Choose if you like to book the training as in-person class on-site or as online add-on to your on-site class.

Also available: Add-on Workshop on Dominican Language and Culture including Educational Field Trip. For more information see here.

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