The Dominican Republic has been called a “beacon of hope for tourism” by the international press.

The leading Spanish daily news paper El Pais published a report on the recovery of the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic. Spanish hotel chains operate most of resorts in the Dominican Republic and book hundreds of thousands of European and American tourists every year.

The report echoes the feelings of most tourists who visit. These say they feel they are in paradise and there is no pandemic here. For the health-conscious who want to travel, the pull of a vacation largely spent outdoors on a beach is strong, especially when everyone you are likely to meet has already been fully vaccinated, reports El Pais.

El Pais reports: “The Dominican Republic is leading the recovery of tourism in the Caribbean, driven by strong demand from US travelers. Almost 60% of Americans are fully vaccinated, and one of the effects is a stampede to go abroad and make up for lost time. By the end of May, the Dominican Republic saw a 10% increase in travelers booking to arrive in July than for the same dates in 2019, before the pandemic upended all travel.”

El Pais sees the DR as an example for European vacation destinations. “The Caribbean nation is a beacon of hope for places like Spain and Greece in Europe, which rely strongly on tourism but are still waiting for vaccination campaigns on the continent to yield results for the sector. The concern now is whether this will happen in time to save the summer 2021 season, following the disaster of 2020, though at this point many businesses are clinging on for survival.”

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Picture by Monika Majesterek, Bahia de las Aguilas (Provincia de Pedernales)

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