Puerco Asado = Pork Roast is a general favorite during the holidays. In the Dominican Republic it is also called Puerco en Puya (Pork on a stick) as that is THE cooking method of choice: A whole pig gets roasted over an open flame on a stick for hours. This method delivers that juicy, flaky meat, covered by a crispy skin called Cuerito, the dish is loved for.

Either prepared in long, long hours at home or – as Dominican families nowadays do not go to the trouble of roasting their own a pig – bought freshly from one of the plenty of stands along the roadsides throughout the country: This flavorful dish is the favorite guest in a Dominican home on Christmas.

How to make “Puerco Asado”? Find a traditional recipe on www.dominicancooking.com

One of our favorite places to have “Puerco Asado” with our Spanish language students is at Ruddy’s Botanical Garden in Islabon near Sosúa. They love to visit the authentic, family-run little restuarant and taste the delicious dishes served there, besides the festivity specialty pork roast: steamed fish in banana leafs, grilled chicken right from the open fire place, with fresh salads and vegetables, different kind of sauces and Galletitas de Yucca, little yucca cookies. Not to forget the tasty, and generously with Dominican rum refined, Coco loco-drink, served in a fres coconut right from the tree.

Ruddy Martinez is a chef who loves to cook with fresh ingredients directly out of his garden. Over the years he has collected more than 15 types of banana and plantains from all across the island of Hispaniola. He grows all kinds of exotic spices like nutmeg, vanilla, ginger and cinnamon. He also preserves the knowledge of the older Dominican generation about the medicinal effects of the plants which are often used in teas.

Rugama Tours with Ruddy Martinez and its Ecological Garden is one of our favorite things to do in the Dominican Republic when going on tour with our Spanish language students and immersion study abroad groups from abroad.

Take a tour online with Canal Gourmet Dominicano through his ecological garden; it’s well worth it!

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