Learn Spanish online and live from the Dominican Republic. Have classes with the teacher directly out of the school or from the teacher‘s living room. Meet your own private Spanish teacher and learn about the language and the culture.

Class content is tailored towards your interests, needs and requests with lots of space for conversational practice.  It will help you to enhance your language proficiency, boost your confidence in speaking and grow your understanding for the culture.

Learn Spanish Online with your Private Teacher

All our teachers are native Spanish speakers from the Dominican Republic. They would love to take you onto a virtual immersion tour into the Spanish language and Dominican culture.

You will not only be an observer like when you are learning with a language app or in a video class. Your teacher will be online with you, teaching live. So you are actively involved in the class:

  • You will learn, listen, and converse with your teacher in real time.
  • You can ask questions any time and have an intensive exchange with your teacher about the language and culture.
  • You will experience the authentic atmosphere of the country: A rooster may crow, someone is calling a ‘moto-concho’ (motorbike taxi) or a dog may bark – it’s almost like if you were here in the Dominican Republic, just virtually.

What Our Students Say

Caitlin (42) from the US
“I’ve had many Spanish teachers, but my teacher at IIC was really one of the best! I learned a ton in just five lessons. If my schedule allows, I’ll definitely try to take more online lessons with your school at a later time.”

Annemiek (46) from the Netherlands:
“The online classes are really a great way to work on my Spanish language skills before and after my classes on site. I am very grateful for everything my teacher taught me and I am looking forward to see her again in Santo Domingo and continue my classes live at school! Everybody from the School’s Office was a great support in arranging and planning the classes. Thanks to you all!”

Sebastian (33) from Poland:
“I am still a Spanish beginner, but the online class works really well for me. I will definitely continue.“

Moira (24) from Germany:
“I would never have thought that the Dominican happiness could come to Germany online, but my teacher did it! Time always passes so quickly.“

How the Online Classes work

You only need a computer, laptop, tablet or your smart phone, a headset with microphone, a stable internet connection, and a quiet surrounding. We work on online platforms like Google Classroom, Meet and ZOOM. Click here to download ZOOM for a better learning experience.

Online Classes are open to all levels, from beginner to advanced.

It’s up to you if you like to meet only once or several times per week with your teacher. Classes are available from Monday to Friday. Times depend on the time zone and availability. The Dominican Republic is on Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4 and does not follow Daylight Savings Time.

Together with you, we look for the class days and times that work best for you. One regular class session is 90 minutes (which is 2 lessons). Packages range from 10 to 40 lessons. You can always prolong your course by signing up for a follow-up class package. See here for further details on our Live Spanish Online Classes.

Contact us

See for yourself how it looks and feels to connect live with our Dominican teachers. They are happy to meet you and show you how the online classes work.

Just send us an email to info@iic-spanish.com or contact us through our contact form here. Or drop us a line on WhatsApp+1.849.630.1052

We will gladly answer your questions and help you make arrangements.


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