The sign indicates the measures the Dominican Republic takes against the spreadof the corona virus including a nightly curfew.

In his latest TV address to the Dominican people on July 6th, President Luis Abinader had announced a gradual elimination of the curfew, resulting in the current regulations in place:[…]

IIC Spanish School facilitator Luis Ramon and assistant Berenice Franco looking good in their new school t-shirts.

The same Spanish word can have completely different meanings in the various Spanish speaking countries. Example: “Guapo/a” in the Dominican Republic is used to express that someone is mad about[…]

Berenice Franco and Luis Pichardo from IIC Spanish School in Santo Domingo show that 13 is a lucky number.

Friday 13 – Tuesday 13

Friday 13 – for many it is still a date suspicious to bring bad luck. Though we may say “I am not superstitious”, many of us simply avoid that date,[…]

Translated into English it means “to die dreaming”, and this uniquely Dominican beverage will certainly take you to a heaven of delight. Milk and orange, mixed with some vanilla flavor[…]

Cognates: “ACTOR”

Easy learning! Cognates are similar or even identical words in two languages. “ACTOR” is one of them. Picture: Dominican actor Manny Pérez and Dominican actress Zoe Saldana. —– ¡Aprendizaje fácil![…]

What should travellers currently expect when arriving to the country by international flight? Dominican airports are open again for international travel since 1 July. Here a brief overview on the[…]

Dominicanismo: apero / apera

“Dominicanismo” is a word, phrase, or expression of the Spanish spoken in the Dominican Republic, reflecting the culture and traditions of the country. Usually those expressions cannot be found in[…]