The sign indicates the measures the Dominican Republic takes against the spreadof the corona virus including a nightly curfew.

Open beaches, nightly curfew

Like in many countries around the world, the Dominican Government as well has tightened the nightly curfew now during the aftermath holiday season. The current Covid-19 curfew hours nationwide are:[…]

IIC Spanish School facilitator Luis Ramon and assistant Berenice Franco looking good in their new school t-shirts.

The same Spanish word can have completely different meanings in the various Spanish speaking countries. Example: “Guapo/a” in the Dominican Republic is used to express that someone is mad about[…]

Berenice Franco and Luis Pichardo from IIC Spanish School in Santo Domingo show that 13 is a lucky number.

Friday 13 – Tuesday 13

Friday 13 – for many it is still a date suspicious to bring bad luck. Though we may say “I am not superstitious”, many of us simply avoid that date,[…]

Translated into English it means “to die dreaming”, and this uniquely Dominican beverage will certainly take you to a heaven of delight. Milk and orange, mixed with some vanilla flavor[…]

Cognates: “ACTOR”

Easy learning! Cognates are similar or even identical words in two languages. “ACTOR” is one of them. Picture: Dominican actor Manny Pérez and Dominican actress Zoe Saldana. —– ¡Aprendizaje fácil![…]

What should travellers currently expect when arriving to the country by international flight? Dominican airports are open again for international travel since 1 July. Here a brief overview on the[…]