100 TREES already planted! Celebrate “Día Nacional del Árbol”, the Dominican National Tree Day with us on May 5th.

You travel. We plant.

Take a 2022 Spanish course at one of our schools in the Dominican Republic, and we plant a tree for you for free.

IIC is working with Click A Tree and its founder Chris Kaiser, known from his pitch at “Die Höhle der Löwen”, the German version of the US American investors’ TV-format “Shark Tank”. For each student who is booking a 2022 Spanish Course at the Spanish school in the Dominican Republic, IIC will plant a tree for free.

Thus the Spanish school contributes to the joint effort to make our planet green again. And if you choose to book your flight through one of the other Click A Tree partners, you can plant even more trees.

Meet Chris and his trees

Chris loves elephants and has experienced first-hand how deforestation destroys their natural habitat. No trees, no shelter, no food. But that’s not true only for animals, as we all know.

A Border that can be seen

We here in the Dominican Republic know even more so, sharing the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with our neighboring country Haiti. Did you know that you can in fact SEE the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic? Soil erosion is the reason, because of deforestation and single crop planting over centuries.

The Island of Hispaniola on Google Earth

Therefore, planting trees means saving mankind’s own natural habitat: preventing soil erosion, restoring water cycles, absorbing carbon dioxide, creating food and shelter for many species.

Planting trees also creates jobs and a future for the people living there.

Plant a Tree for free in 2022

We love Chris’ vision and the projects he and his team realize all around the world. That’s why we chose to work together.

Take a Spanish course at one of our schools in the Dominican Republic in 2022, at IIC in the capital Santo Domingo or IIC in the beach town of Sosua, and we plant a tree for you for free.

For now, our students will help to plant trees and create jobs to support the reforestation of Ghana. Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to start a reforestation project with Chris and his team as well in the Dominican Republic.

Because every tree counts! Help us make our planet green again.

Pictures: Courtesy of Click A Tree

Video: Chris Kaiser’s Thank You-message

Read here in German more about Chris Kaiser and his projects Click a Tree and B’n’Tree:
Businessinsider.de Höhle der Löwen

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