Safety Protocol at IIC

Welcome back to our Schools in Santo Domingo and Sosúa!

IIC Safety Protocol for on-site classes

(Update 15 October 2020)

The well-being of our teachers, employees and our clients is our top priority. That is why we have taken protective and hygienic measures based on the health guidelines of the WHO and the Dominican Department of Public Health. Our goal is to guarantee for all of us a safe and pleasant learning atmosphere at our schools. Please follow the rules.

Stay Home when feeling sick

This is our overall policy for clients and staff alike: If you feel sick, stay home and take your time to recover. If a student comes to the school with symptoms of sickness, the school’s staff and/or the teacher have the right to exclude the student from class. PLEASE act responsible and prevent others from getting sick themselves.


At both our locations, you will have access to several bathrooms where you can frequently wash your hands with soap and water. In addition, there are disinfectants for hands placed on several spots in the school building. Please follow the established sneeze & cough etiquette and hygiene rules.

Protective masks

When entering or leaving the school’s ground or when moving in and around our buildings, you have to wear a protective mask at all times due to governmental order. We are sorry, but we cannot serve clients who come to our facilities without wearing a mask. If you come to class and forgot your mask, we will provide you with one at a cost of RD$ 250.- per piece.

Social distancing

In all areas of the school (indoor and outdoor) a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between all people on site has to be maintained. Seating arrangements in the classrooms, clear markings on the floor and the spacious areas of our outdoor classrooms, gardens and terraces help us to ensure compliance with the distance rules.

Unoccupied IIC studios and apartments are also used for classroom teaching if needed, providing several private aulas and bathrooms in addition to our school’s facility. Mobile boards and WIFI available on the whole school premise enable us to flexibly move classes to distant free spaces.

Group sizes

Groups are limited to a maximum number of students depending on the size of the classroom. It varies between 3 to max. 10 students per group, all seated in a min. distance of 1.5 meters between each other. Spanish group classes stay limited to a max. amount of 7 students with an average of 3 to 4 students per class.


We ensure the highest possible hygiene through a thorough daily cleaning with special disinfection-inhibiting products. In addition, we disinfect frequent contact points such as door handles, light switches or hand rails several times a day. Please feel welcome to enjoy our terraces and gardens. Chairs and sunbeds are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.


We will continue to provide water for free throughout the day. Please bring your own water bottle for refill at our water dispenser. Our community kitchen is accessible; please follow the safety guidelines when using our facilities. Breakfast will not be served at IIC until further notice.


  • Our Students Residences are open for lodging, both in Sosúa as well as in Santo Domingo. The Student Residences, private studios and also the shared apartments, will only be occupied with one person UNLESS people are already travelling together (couple/family/friends).
    Lodging can be booked with self-catering only; breakfast served by the school in Sosúa is not available until further notice.
  • Hotel bookings can be arranged upon availability through us as well in our partner hotels.
  • IIC Homestay lodging in Santo Domingo is not available until further notice.

Airport transfers

When booking our Students Residence, private airport transfer at arrival is offered by IIC from the nearest airport with one of our trusted taxi-drivers to maintain safety standards.

If you decide to book your own transfer, please let us know and we inform you about the check-in procedure for our lodging. PLEASE NOTE: In Sosúa, we have fixed check-in times which are between 14.00 and 16.00 h only (2 to 4pm), also on weekends.

Activities & Excursions

There are only few extracurricular activities organized by the school until further notice. We will gladly provide you with recommendations to safe places to go to on your own or use established providers on site for tours and excursions.

Opening hours / Office hours

As for now and until further notice, our school buildings will be open to the public at the following limited opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 3pm (9:00-15:00 h). Other meeting days/times can be arranged by appointment.

By WhatsApp and email we can be reached full days during our regular office hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm (8:30-17:00 h). Whatsapp +1.849.630.1052 | Email:

Person in Charge: Director of IIC School                                                                 Status: 15 October 2020/IIC

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