Friday 13 – for many it is still a date suspicious to bring bad luck. Though we may say to ourselves “I am not superstitious”, many of us simply avoid that date, e.g. for travelling or taking important decisions.

But did you know that in the Dominican Republic also TUESDAY 13 is a day that supposingly brings bad luck? Here are some of the rituals around Tuesday, the 13th:

Si un gato negro te pasa por delante un martes 13, tienes que ir a la playa y bañarte en cruz para evitar que todo te salga mal.

Una mujer embarazada nunca debe pasar por debajo de una escalera un martes 13 porque puede perder el embarazo.

Other sayings and expressions around Friday and Tuesday 13th from the Dominican Republic:

No te cases ni te embarques ni de tu familia te apartes.

Read more about Dominican beliefs and superstitions:


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