In his latest TV address to the Dominican people on July 6th, President Luis Abinader had announced a gradual elimination of the curfew, resulting in the current regulations in place:

  • The curfew has been unified nationwide. These are the current times: Monday to Sunday from 11pm to 5am plus two hours of free transit. The sale of alcoholic beverages is allowed until curfew time.
  • As before, no major events or conglomeration of persons are allowed. Big groups are banned in public spaces. Public and private spaces open to the public are limited to use at 50% capacity. Face masks are obligatory in all public spaces.

(Update 23 July 2021)

For latest updates on all regulations, entry requirements and testing, also check out the official information site of the Dominican Ministry of Tourism:

In his speech, the President said that, given the international situation, “we are going to have to learn to live with Covid-19, because it is not going to disappear in the short term.”

“We must continue to be responsible and take care of ourselves personally in order to take care of others,” he concluded.#

Source: Listin Diario (in Spanish) | DR News (in English)


The Dominican Republic is still under State of Emergency which allows the government and parliament to take regulatory and preventive actions to confront the advance of the virus:

  • Airports are open for international travel while land borders stay closed; maritime restrictions have just been lifted: cruise ships are allowed to enter Dominican harbours again.
  • Beaches can be visited, respecting the social distancing measures.
  • Colmados (small local shops) and restaurants are open for delivery or take out and are allowed to run on 50% of their capacity to serve their clients on site.
  • A nightly curfew is in place (see above the current regulations).

The Dominican government is very well ahead in its various measures implemented to return to safe travelling with the goal to stimulate tourism by this summer, as for example in its vaccination program.



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