Artist Humberto Lopez designs and creates the devils and masks of the famous Dominican carnival.

Dominican Carnival Masks

Dominican Carnival Masks: The Art of Making them. Meet artist and designer Humberto López and see how the famous Dominican Carnival masks (caretas) are made: Video Copyright: Great Big Historia[…]

Colorful devil mask careta of the Dominican carnival which is a very authentic piece of dominican culture students learn about when learning Spanish and Dominican culture at IIC Spanish School in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Carnival

The devils are dancing again: February is the month of the famous Dominican carnival. The streets are filled with the vibrant colors of ornately worked costumes, masks, and lots of[…]

Watching two whales breaching in the bay of Samana, Dominican Republic.

Whale Watching in Samaná

Each year, hundreds of humpback whales come from the Northern Atlantic to the warm waters of the Dominican Republic to mate, birth and nurse their calves. They can be watched[…]

Serving the fruit cake after the meal on Holy night or on the 25th of December is one of the many typical Dominican Christmas traditions in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Christmas Traditions

Dominicans have the gift of celebrating every occasion, not only the holidays, but then even more. Read about Dominican Christmas Traditions, how we celebrate and what we like to eat[…]

Marc Anthony in concert in Santo Domingo on September 22, 2022

On 22 September, Puerto Rican-American singer Marc Anthony will perform in Santo Domingo. He presents his new “Viviendo”-tour to his fans in the Dominican Republic at the Félix Sánchez Olympic[…]