What should travellers currently expect when arriving to the country by international flight? Dominican airports are open again for international travel since 1 July. Here a brief overview on the rules and regulations under Covid19-terms:

Anyone travelling from outside the Dominican Republic is allowed to enter the country; there are no restrictions on countries or regions of countries, due to our current information. https://www.officeholidays.com/coronavirus/dominican-republic  Some countries have issued a travel alert or travel warning regarding travels to the Dominican Republic. You should always check with your State Department or the Dominican Embassy in your country before travelling.

Airlines like JetBlue and United Airlines are serving the country daily from the US. From Europe, there are at present mainly Air Europa and Iberia flying from Madrid, Air France from Paris and Edelweiss from Zurich.

You need to register for a new e-form about your health and travel status or fill it out in paper on the plane/ upon arrival.

You also have to pass an infrared fever check when entering the Dominican Republic and present a negative PCR or Covid19-test which is not older than 5 days. If you can’t bring a negative test, you can take a quick test at the airport and if tested negative, you pass. If tested positive, you would be taken to a quarantine facility of the Dominican public health ministry for safety reasons and if needed, further treatment.

UPDATE 25 August: Based on the Tourism Recovery Plan, the new President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, presented on August 25th, there will be no negative COVID19-test required anymore. Random rapid tests may be run at the airport in the DR when arriving.

As with any travel right now, you should closely monitor any changes happening: 

  1. Check about changes in the DR’s policy on regulations and follow the news what the situation in the country is like.
  1. Check with your airline prior to travelling if your booked flight is really happening. Cancelling or rescheduling flights, sometimes on a very short notice, is unfortunately quite common these days.
  1. Check about the rules and regulations of your home country about returning from the Dominican Republic. Your country may request a negative COVID19-test and/or request you to go into self-isolation for 10 to 14 days once you are back home.

Stay update. The above is valid for now, until further notice and until a new evaluation of the situation.


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